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Arduino Nano

The Arduino Nano is a small, complete, and breadboard-friendly board based on the ATmega328 (Arduino Nano 3.x) or ATmega168 (Arduino Nano 2.x). …

Clear Star Adapter 3 Pack

Acrylic adapter that can be used to mount your FC at 45 degrees. Helps reduce vibrations from mounting your FC structurally. Pack …

Delrin Star Board Adapter 2 Pack

Delrin adapter that can be used to mount your FC at 45 degrees. Helps reduce vibrations from mounting your FC structurally and is …

Flight Controller O-Rings

This is a pack of 25 O-rings that can be used to semi-soft mount your flight controller. Easily sandwhich these together on …

Low ESR Capacitors

Premium, GUARANTEED authentic capacitors. Capacitors may be Panasonic brand, or also may be another verified premium name brand. The ESR rating is tested to be equivalent to Panasonic. Perfect to help reduce noise and voltage spikes across your mini-quad build.


The HUBOSD eco X-Type with STOSD8 Current Sensor and Dual BEC from Matek Systems.

RaceFlight Battery Strap

RaceFlight branded battery strap, perfect for attaching your LiPo battery to your miniquad. These battery straps have a rubber-like material on the …

RaceFlight Gummies

This is a simple grommet upgrade kit for the Revolt flight controller. This upgrade kit allows you to completely soft mount your …

Revolt, Bolt, Millivolt, and Spark Wiring Harness

This is the wiring harness AKA connector for the new Bolt V2, Revolt V3, Spark v2, and Millivolt V2. This connector can …

Square Clear Board Protector 4 Pack

Acrylic board protector with the RaceFlight logo. Helps protect your Revolt. Pack of 4

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