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Contact Us Through FaceBook

You may speak directly to us via FaceBook. Just head over to the RaceFlight FaceBook page and send us a message. We’ll respond as soon as possible to answer any questions you may have!


For a detailed, step by step, guide on how to message us on FaceBook, visit the RaceFlight Support page.

Message Us On Slack

You may also contact us directly by messaging us on our Slack channel. Simply create an account on the RaceFlight slack channel, then login at raceflight.slack.com. Shoot a message directly to @prestongiii or @adriel

For detailed, step by step, instructions for logging into slack, please visit the RaceFlight Support page.

First batch of preorders will begin shipping out before Chinese New Year. All orders for the second batch will be shipped out after Chinese New Year some time Mid March. Dismiss